Woah! This Verizon deal hooks you up with a free Google Pixel 6a

by William

We’ve seen a lot of great Verizon deals this holiday season, but we just uncovered an offer that might just be the best of the bunch. Buy the Google Pixel 6a and add a line with one of Verizon’s eligible 5G Unlimited plans, and you’ll get enough promo credits over 36 months to make the phone 100% free (opens in new tab). It’s a simple as that. The 5G Start, Do More, Get More, Play More, and (oddly) the One Unlimited for iPhone plans are all included in the deal, which means you could be enjoying a great smartphone and a great wireless plan for as little as $70 per month for one line. 

It’s perhaps no surprise for you to hear that Verizon deals are a dime-a-dozen these days, but this offer is remarkable for its simplicity. No trade-in or confusing fine print here, simply add a line with the right plan and one of the best cheap Android phones on the market is as good as yours. 

Get a free Google Pixel 6a at Verizon today

Typically retailing for around $499.99, the Google Pixel 6a made waves by packing tons of flagship-level specs into a luxurious-feeling mid-range phone. I’m talking about a vibrant AMOLED display with the same great camera sensor and processor found in the standard Pixel 6. Just like the equally-great Samsung Galaxy A53, the Pixel 6a proves that you don’t need to spend more than 500 bucks to get a great phone nowadays, and thanks to this Verizon deal, you might not need to spend anything at all.

Even though you’re getting a free phone, you’ll still want to keep it safe, so check out our list of the best Google Pixel 6a cases so you can protect your investment with style!

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